When do we consider Subplot to be a successful project?

  • Don’t worry, be happy: Subplot replaces yarn for all use use for Lars and Daniel. Lars can retire the yarn program entirely, meaning it can be removed from Debian and Lars can drop it from the git repo for cmdtest. This is the minimum that we want to achieve, and if we get this, we’re perfectly satisfied. Everything else is ego stroking.

  • Killing me softly: At least three separate projects use Subplot successfully. It’s OK if Lars or Daniel are involved with the projects, but the Subplot should be primarily written by others. We get at least one patch for Subplot from an outsider.

  • I hate myself for loving you: At least five projects use Subplot, and neither Lars nor Daniel nor their employers are directly involved in those projects. We get at least one bug report or patch per month for six months.

  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Subplot is mentioned favourably on Hacker News at least once, and we hear of new projects who use Subplot at least once per month for six months.

  • Goodness gracious me: LWN writes a front-page article on Subplot.

(This is a little tongue in cheek.)