We decided to not follow the usual meeting structure and instead only discussed how to refactor the Subplot code base.

We’ve again made some progress towards switching from using Pandoc to parse markdown to using the pulldown-cmark crate. Lars is slowly converting the “visitor” modules to use the new abstract syntax tree.

For this iteration:

  • Lars will drop pandoc_ast as a dependency in favor of pulldown_cmark, and a custom representation of a parsed Markdown document. Lars will probably use a lightweight abstraction for HTML, and rewrite the pandoc_ast::MutVisitor use to query that instead.
  • Lars will drop the Markdown::set_metatdata method and Markdown::to_json methods, and generate HTML directly from the new abstract syntax tree. This means we won’t be using Pandoc to produce output, either.
  • subplot#312 was opened about a dependency problem. Daniel will implement a fix. He has done enough to realize that our MSRV (1.60) is old enough that it causes problems with updating dependencies. We decided to amend our MSRV to be “whatever is in Debian unstable” for now, and change this to “whatever is in Debian testing”, once Subplot is in Debian testing.
    • Lars will make an MR to record this decision.
  • Daniel will update our Docker image for testing with the MSRV version to use a newer version.
  • Lars will make an MR to record the decision that HTML is the only output we need to produce from subplot docgen.

Meeting participants

  • Daniel Silverstone
  • Lars Wirzenius