We decided to not follow the usual meeting structure and instead only discussed how to refactor the Subplot code base.

We’ve made progress and are ready to actually switch to using pulldown-cmark for parsing Markdown. Lars started work on that, but ran out of time and brain and didn’t finish it.

For this iteration:

  • Daniel will refactor the Document methods to avoid requiring a mutable reference to self, when possible.
  • Lars will drop pandoc_ast as a dependency in favor of pulldown_cmark, and a custom representation of a parsed Markdown document. Lars will probably use a lightweight abstraction for HTML, and rewrite the pandoc_ast::MutVisitor use to query that instead.
    • Lars borrowed his pre-existing HTML abstraction from riki, with some changes
    • Lars started work on rewriting the visitors
  • Lars will drop the Markdown::set_metatdata method and instead give the YamlMetadata directly to Markdown::to_json. From the caller’s point of view, there’s no need to have two methods for this. Or possibly Lars will just drop both methods, if they’re not needed for HTML generation.
    • If we generate HTML directly, without Pandoc, we won’t need these

Meeting participants

  • Daniel Silverstone
  • Lars Wirzenius