We decided to not follow the usual meeting structure and instead only discussed how to refactor the Subplot code base. We isolated almost all use of pandoc_ast to the new md module, and will continue on that:

  • move the visitor, panhelper, and typeset modules inside the md module so that pandoc_ast is never exposed outside md
  • change the Markdown type to contains a RefCell<Pandoc> and make use of its internal mutability so that the Markdown API requires a mutable reference only for methods that actually mutate the parsed Markdown document
    • currently all methods require a mutable self, because they use pandoc_ast::MutVisitor, and that requires a mutable reference
  • change the TryFrom<&Path> trait implementation for Markdown to be a constructor method for the type instead, for a more clear API

Lars will make these changes, and Daniel will review.

Meeting participants

  • Daniel Silverstone
  • Lars Wirzenius