Review of actions from last meeting

Actions from last time, and their status are:

  • DONE: Lars (and Daniel) to label at least the Sequoia-PGP blockers if not also anything else he thinks may be blocking projects such as Rustup.

  • DONE: Daniel to shuffle goal3 to goal4 and create goal3 label for the purpose of tracking the work we discussed around redoing metadata as a separate file.

  • DONE: Daniel to file a tracking issue for the metadata work, and assign it to Lars. Lars to then break down the work at some future point. (Subplot issue 246)

  • DONE: Lars to set up a space for brainstorming the talk we want to give.

    We have the start of a skeleton of an outline of a fairly generic introductory talk on what Subplot is for.

  • DONE: Lars to file an issue with details of cargo audit and cargo deny and the intention to have a CI pipeline step which runs them. This may include filing an issue on the docker container to add the tooling. (Subplot issue 245)

Review of the iteration that has ended

Subplot milestone 38 had the following issued closed:

  • Subplot issue 188Old Subplot libraries have bindings with regex that could now be simple patterns

We made little other progress this iteration.

The following issues remain open:

We moved the issues to the next milestone (Subplot milestone 39) and then closed off this iteration.

Review of the repositories

Currently open MRs:

  • subplot: none
  • subplot-web: none
  • subplot-container-images: none

Extra branches unrelated to MRs:

  • subplot: none
    • subplot-rust – Daniel is keeping this around until he has completed the work on Subplot issue 198.
    • polyglot-docs – Daniel is working on Subplot issue 198 here.
    • docgen-cmark – Lars is working on making docgen use cmark rather than pandoc for the initial parse and processing.
  • subplot-web: none
  • subplot-container-images: none


  • subplot: clean
  • subplot-web: none
  • subplot-container-images: clean, and we triggered the one to build a new container image

Current goal (goal 2; not changed for this iteration)

Subplot provides a set of libraries with identical capabilities in each of the supported languages. Python remains a supported language. Rust is promoted to supported-language status. Subplot will be tested with all supported languages. In addition, any quality of life improvements which can be done shall be done. This goal will be considered complete when a release of Subplot has been made with the unified language handling support complete.

Issue review

We had 50 open issues at the start of the meeting.

We reviewed non-someday-maybe issues for subplot changed in since the last meeting. We made the following changes:

We left the docker-for-subplot issue alone, and subplot-web had no issues.

Other discussion

Plan for next iteration

We opened Subplot milestone 39 to cover this iteration, with the following issues:

Other business

  • We decided to make a release of whatever is in the main branch and label it 0.3.1 or 0.4.0, depending on whether it has breaking changes or not.

  • We are not yet ready to file an RFP bug to get Subplot packaged for Debian. It will happen after we think we won’t be making breaking changes anymore.

  • We are not yet ready to make a whole code base review of Subplot. However we feel at least part of the new goal 3 will be reviewing a portion of the code.

  • We will switch an issue based agenda when other people join the meeting.

  • We won’t be reaching out for feedback until goal 3 is done.

  • We discussed the possibility of and outline of a talk for FOSDEM.

  • Regarding the media repository question - we believe this is premature at this point - once we are ready to write the talk mentioned above, it will be time for the repository.