The Subplot project announces the 0.2.2 release of the Subplot tool for documenting acceptance criteria and verifying them automatically.

See home page, version control repository, and installation instructions.

Version 0.2.2, released 2021-08-07

This is release is meant for use by people other than Subplot’s own developers. It is of ALPHA quality, in that what is implemented is meant to work, but we reserve the right to make backwards incompatible, breaking changes in future releases.


  • When a scenario step matches more than one binding, the error message now lists all the matching bindings to make it easier for the user to fix the problem. (By Lars Wirzenius)

  • The documentation now explains core concepts relevant to Subplot, and suggests an initial workflow for a project using Subplot. (By Lars Wirzenius)

Python support

  • The lib/daemon Subplot library now uses custom Python code instead of the netcat tool. This removes a dependency, and also avoids the problem of there being at least two more or less incompatible versions of netcat in common use. (By Alexander Batischev)

  • The lib/daemon library now has a way to pass environment variables to the daemon. (By Alexander Batischev)

Bash support

  • The documentation now makes it clearer that the files_get function returns the contents of the embedded file and not a filename. (By Richard Maw)

  • Some spelling and other language mistakes have been fixed in the documentation for Bash support. (By Richard Maw)

  • The dict helper functions can now read embedded files. (By Richard Maw)

  • The generated Bash test program now supports the --env option to let the user pass in environment variables when invoking the test program. (By Richard Maw)

  • Assertion functions now return an error rather then terminating the test program. This lets cleanups run. (By Richard Maw)