Review of actions from last meeting

  • There were no actions.

Review of the iteration that has ended

Subplot milestone 32 has the following issues still open:

Reminder: It’s A-OK for us to not complete all the work we plan for an iteration. This is a project for fun, and if other things happen (such as work or life) that preempt Subplot work, then Subplot work gets postponed. No excuses need be presented.

We had MRs from an outside developer and had trouble merging them, as they hadn’t enabled CI on their fork of Subplot. After they did, it went smoothly.

Review of the repositories

There’s two in-progress MRs in the subplot repository

These need review in the new iteration.

No other in-progress MRs in any of the repositories. No spare branches in the container images or web repositories. The “Rust for” branch remains in the subplot repository. Pipelines all looked good.

We triggered the pipeline to build new container images so that we have a fresher image.

Current goal

Subplot provides a set of libraries with identical capabilities in each of the supported languages. Python remains a supported language. Rust is promoted to supported-language status. Subplot will be tested with all supported languages. In addition, any quality of life improvements which can be done shall be done. This goal will be considered complete when a release of Subplot has been made with the unified language handling support complete.

Issue review

We reviewed all issues changed since the previous meeting..

  • Subplot issue 198 – Unify language handling for multi-impl-lang test suites
    • work has begun but there is no changes to review yet
    • Daniel thinks the design in the issue should more or less work
  • Subplot issue 202 – Test suite assumes cargo puts binaries in target/debug
    • we’ll be looking at cargo metadata
    • re-assigned to Lars who need to fix this for Obnam as well
  • Subplot issue 205 – Newer pandoc does not have --filter pandoc-citeproc but rather --citeproc
    • removed Daniel as assignee
  • Subplot issue 206 – CI sometimes fails in a flaky way
    • Lars has been doing work on this, and it may be fixed
    • Daniel merged Subplot merge request 194 during the meeting
    • issue closed during meeting
  • Subplot issue 207 – Release process is too manual, CI build of release .deb changes files
    • Lars has an MR to update
    • we also need to make a release with the new process
  • Subplot issue 208 – Change release process to be automatable
  • Subplot issue 210 – ./check doesn’t allow running only one scenario in
    • is it worth making ./check more complicated to allow this?
    • maybe supporting cargo xtask would make more sense?
    • labeled “someday/maybe”
  • Subplot issue 211 – Doesn’t explain acceptance criteria, acceptance tests, or workflow
    • we agree this is worthwhile
    • Daniel added a comment with suggested wording improvement
    • assigned to Lars

Plan for next iteration

We opened Subplot milestone 33 to cover this iteration. It has XXX issues:

And an extra in case there’s time:

  • Subplot issue 205 – Newer pandoc does not have --filter pandoc-citeproc but rather --citeproc

In addition, we decided to decide on Wednesday the 4th whether we want to make a release using the new release process. We will create an issue for the release then.

Other business

No notes.


  • Daniel: Create a merge request template that asks for CI to be set up on the source repository before creating the MR.