Review of actions from last meeting

  • There were no actions.

Review of the iteration that has ended

Subplot milestone 31 was extended into iteration. Due to life and heat waves interfering, we were slow before, but we finished the release this time around.

This was a really important step for us because we got out a release which we want others to try. It’s now a long slog to getting people to actually try Subplot.

Review of the repositories

No in-progress MRs in any of the repositories. No spare branches in the container images or web repositories. The “Rust for” branch remains in the subplot repository. Pipelines all looked good.

Current goal


When reviewing the issues we tentatively put into our new goal we decided that it makes sense to only have one significant feature change per goal. We identified that both conditional/subroutine scenarios and the unification of language handling were large amounts of work and so we decided to pick only one for our new goal (2).

After discussion we chose language unification for this goal.

New definition

Subplot provides a set of libraries with identical capabilities in each of the supported languages. Python remains a supported language. Rust is promoted to supported-language status. Subplot will be tested with all supported languages. In addition, any quality of life improvements which can be done shall be done. This goal will be considered complete when a release of Subplot has been made with the unified language handling support complete.

Issue review

We reviewed all issues, from the group level:

We then had a discussion about Subplot issue 198

We removed the active-discussion label after discussing the proposal, assigned it to Daniel, and put it into the iteration.

Plan for next iteration

We opened Subplot milestone 32 to cover this iteration. It has seven issues:

In addition, we decided to not make a release in this iteration.

Other business

We deferred the discussion about using cargo release until Daniel has tried it on a multi-crate project.

We discussed feedback from the release.

  • Feedback from Lucas was already known - nixos issues.
  • Richard Maw submitted a few MRs to fix typos, which was nice (painful, but nice)
  • Lare tried the tutorial which had the wrong binary names. We fixed the tutorial and are now waiting for further feedback.
  • No feedback yet from Serbitar
  • Feedback from Minoru (who is involved with Obnam) (link is now dead, alas)
  • Nothing back from Finn as yet.
  • No feedback yet from JR at the Wikimedia Foundation.

We decided that we should compile a list of new people to reach out to at the end of goal 2, and we put Russ Alberry on that list.


No actions.