Review of actions from last meeting

  • Dan remains not in a position to work on Subplot issue 22, which is fine, it can wait until he is able to help. We’re carrying this action.

Review of the iteration that has ended

We made good progress on Subplot milestone 28.

We achieved:

We almost completed:

  • Subplot issue 184 - Issue template in Gitlab
    • CI pipeline failed for reason unknown
    • we’ll let this close when the pipeline works
  • Subplot issue 182 - ./check causes rebuilds
    • We have most of the work done, still need to tell Python to not create its bytecode files
    • carrying over to next milestone

We did not complete:

  • Subplot issue 122 - PlanUML and java locations
    • we’re carrying it over to next iteration

Review of the repositories

The subplot-web and subplot-container-images repositories have no open merge requests, branches, or failed pipelines.

The subplot repository has one open merge request for Subplot issue 184, and one branch for Subplot issue 182.

Issue review

We reviewed all issues. For the subplot repository we created two issues:

Current goal

Our current goal is to get Subplot the software and project into such a shape that we feel confident that we can ask a few people to give it a proper try. This requires for Subplot to have releases that are easy to install, tolerably easy to use, and to have at least some rudimentary documentation aimed at beginners.

Plan for next iteration

We created Subplot milestone 29 for the iteration starting now and ending in two weeks on 2021-06-05. We put the following issues in it:

What do we need to persuade others?

We’re getting close. This iteration we’re going to see if we can make a release, and make the website a little more welcoming.

Other business

Random chatting.


  • Lars or Daniel to schedule pairing session with Dan to help him work through Subplot issue 22.