Review of actions from last meeting

  • Dan remains not in a position to work on Subplot issue 22, which is fine, it can wait until he is able to help. We’re carrying this action

  • We moved subplot and subplot-web to the new organisation on gitlab.

Review of the iteration that has ended

We made good progress on Subplot milestone 27.

We achieved:

We did not complete:

  • Subplot issue 182 - test suite was writing into share/ - this is in progress, Lars has pushed a branch (check) and Daniel will take a look in the next iteration.
  • Subplot issue 181 - can’t run subplot from different directory. There is Subplot merge request 163 open for this. Lars had a comment, we’ll finish this up in the next iteration.
  • Subplot issue 173 - Tables causing docgen failure. Daniel pushed a change which nominally covers this in the previous iteration, but this requires recompiling subplot. We had a discussion during the iteration meeting and closed this.
  • Subplot issue 118 - Checking and updating docs for use-case. Lars has started to think about this. We had a chat about what we might want the use-case to be, and Lars suggested web-site check. Perhaps we can do this against
  • Subplot issue 22 - This holds for now.

We started but did not make much progress on Subplot issue 177 (no docker image for using subplot). Daniel doesn’t think this is particularly useful at this time, and Lars agreed. For now we’re putting this back to someday-maybe.

Review of the repositories

There were no pending merge requests for subplot-web. There is one MR in subplot outstanding wrt. resources: Use new path checking order (Subplot merge request 163). There is the check branch Lars pushed for Daniel to look at later.

We discussed Subplot merge request 163 and Lars decided to accept the current env var name of FALLBACK_PATH and so merged the MR.

Issue review

Subplot-web has no open issues.

We reviewed all open issues last time, so we only did recent issues this time around. Where we made changes, see below.

  • Subplot issue 179 (When I run, in blahdir,… for Rust) - tentatively added to next iteration
  • Subplot issue 184 (issue templates) - tentatively added to the next iteration
  • Subplot issue 187 (README updates) - tentatively added to the next iteration
  • Subplot issue 188 (subplot libraries - redo with simple bindings) - added someday-maybe
  • Subplot issue 163 (tracking - single binary) - We ticked box 2 and agreed that box 3 needs doing. We created Subplot issue 192 to do this.
  • Subplot issue 190 (check/CI slow) - We added a comment about a good first step (measurement) and labelled the issue appropriately
  • Subplot issue 191 (subplot export) - We reworked the title and description and we labelled it up for work at some future time.

Current goal

Our current goal is to get Subplot the software and project into such a shape that we feel confident that we can ask a few people to give it a proper try. This requires for Subplot to have releases that are easy to install, tolerably easy to use, and to have at least some rudimentary documentation aimed at beginners.

Plan for next iteration

We created Subplot milestone 28 for the iteration starting now and ending in two weeks on 2021-05-22.

We agreed with the assignments we had made in the review period, and we kept Subplot issue 22 in case Dan turns up.

What do we need to persuade others?

Nothing new came up. We’re making progress, though.

Other business

Subplot organisation on Gitlab

We are fairly happy with how this went (Indeed Lars is considering doing similarly for Obnam).

Using Gitlab CI pipelines for subplot

Unobtrusive and functioning - we’re happy with them


  • Lars or Daniel to schedule pairing session with Dan to help him work through Subplot issue 22.