Note about missing previous sync

We decided that we’d not achieved enough and were both busy enough that we wished to skip the iteration meeting for the 13th March, deferring it to today.

Review of actions from last meeting.

Review of the iteration that has ended

We’ve been busy with life and work and other projects this iteration, so we didn’t get everything done for Subplot milestone 24.

We did achieve:

  • Subplot issue 162 - Change ./check to treat Rust warnings as errors, with an option to override that
  • Subplot issue 168 - Running ./check modifies subplotlib/tests/

In addition, Lars filed Subplot issue 173 about a table which can’t be processed by Subplot. Daniel investigated and found that there’s a potential bug in pandoc_ast (or in Pandoc itself).

We closed Subplot issue 166 as invalid since it turns out that the busy-wait was already solved in-repo.

Daniel was also working toward Subplot issue 164 but it’s not ready for review yet.

Review of the repositories

There were no pending merge requests for subplot-web. There is a WIP MR for some work Daniel is doing in subplot.

There were no extra branches in subplot-web.

We binned the wait-for-port branch in subplot since it was a failed experiment into changing a bit.

Issue review

We reviewed all issues and updated them based on discussion.

Current goal

Our current goal is to get Subplot the software and project into such a shape that we feel confident that we can ask a few people to give it a proper try. This requires for Subplot to have releases that are easy to install, tolerably easy to use, and to have at least some rudimentary documentation aimed at beginners.

Plan for next iteration

We created Subplot milestone 25 for the iteration starting now and ending in two weeks on 2021-04-11.

We picked the following issues to work on for Lars:

For Daniel:

Up for grabs if anyone has time:

  • Subplot issue 22 - PlantUML jar and java locations should be configurable
    • depends on Dan’s availability.

What do we need to persuade others?

Nothing new came up.