Review of actions from last meeting.

  • Dan remains not in a position to work on Subplot issue 22 which is fine, it can wait until he is able to help. We’re carrying this action
  • Lars removed the roadmap from the subplot website.
  • Daniel redid Subplot issue 148 as a tracking issue in Subplot issue 163.
  • We carry the action to create issue templates.

Review of the iteration that has ended

We completed some of the work we’d hope on getting done for Subplot milestone 22, we missed out on a number of the files library related work, and the work on redoing the CLI was not complete. Some documentation, and the pairing with Dan on Subplot issue 22 were also not completed..

We did achieve:

Lars did work in Subplot merge request 133 toward Subplot issue 116 but didn’t close the issue because we’re not sure if this is enough yet. We moved the issue to the new iteration and assigned it to Daniel. Finally Subplot issue 153 wasn’t done but we should get it done so we’ve moved it to the new milestone and assigned it to Lars.

Review of the repositories

There were no pending merge requests for subplot-web. There is a WIP MR for some work Daniel is doing in subplot.

There was a spare fix-156 branch for some reason in subplot, we deleted it. The remaining branch in subplot is for the WIP MR mentioned above.

There were no extra branches in subplot-web.

Issue review

  • Subplot issue 108 (testing against other working subplots) has been put into the new iteration.
  • Subplot issue 162 (./check should deny warnings) has been put into the new iteration but not assigned since either of us could do it.

Therefore there we placed 10 issues in the iteration.

General discussion


We discussed the “four kinds of documentation” approach described here.

We agreed that we need tutorials, though the one we have may be sufficient for our current goal, so long as it’s updated and cleaned up.

We may be able to avoid writing howtos until we have some interested users asking questions. It may be better therefore to ensure we have a “how to ask questions”.

The material we currently have is a cross between discussion and reference and so we may get away without writing more of that for now.

Eventually we’re going to want tooling to test tutorials etc. But we don’t need that for now.

Our consensus is that we should adopt this documentation process and we updated Subplot issue 118 to mention the process ready for when we want to write that first tutorial properly.

Current goal

Our current goal is to get Subplot the software and project into such a shape that we feel confident that we can ask a few people to give it a proper try. This requires for Subplot to have releases that are be easy to install, tolerably easy to use, and to have at least some rudimentary documentation aimed at beginners.

Plan for next iteration

We created Subplot milestone 23 for the iteration starting now and ending in two weeks on 2021-02-27.

We picked the following issues to work on for Lars:

For Daniel:

Up for grabs if anyone has time:

What do we need to persuade others?

We adjusted the description of Subplot issue 125 to indicate that Python will be sufficient for the tutorial.

We also updated Subplot issue 119 to be directly blocked by Subplot issue 66 so that we’re more aware that we need the cargo installability sorted before it becomes plausible for someone to package Subplot properly for Debian.