Review of the iteration that has ended

We completed all the work we’d hope on getting done for Subplot milestone 21, except for the pairing with Dan on Subplot issue 22. It was not a huge iteration, but that’s OK. It’s still movement forward.

Review of the repositories

There were no pending merge requests, either for subplot itself or subplot-web.

There were no extra branches, either in subplot itself or subplot-web.

We reviewed all issues and updated them as needed.

General discussion

Using issues to track work for an iteration

We noted that we often take on issues in an iteration with no plan to complete all the work for the issue in that iteration. We don’t really track that well. We decided that we’d start using sub-issues in the future, and create an issue for the work we plan for the iteration.

Setting goals

We discussed setting a specific goal for an iteration, but decided against it. Instead, we’ll set a goal for the next few iterations, something we believe we’ll be able to reach within that time frame. We feel that having an explicit goal like that will give better focus for our work and planning of that work.

Making releases

We discussed making releases of Subplot and agreed that it would be a good thing to do. We opened Subplot issue 160 to discuss that.

Treating build-time warnings as errors

We discussed whether Subplot’s automated test suite should treat warnings from the Rust toolchain as errors. We agreed that CI should definitely do that, but that ./check, our script for running the test suite, should have an option to allow the warnings. Our reasoning is that our development environments can have newer versions of Rust than our CI, and it would be unpleasant to sprinkle the source code with #[allow] pragmas just to silence new warnings, even during development cycles. (Subplot issue 162)


The roadmap on the Subplot website is quite obsolete. We discussed this and decided that we’ll remove it for now. We may put one back once we start making releases, and have the roadmap cover at least one release in detail, and possible a few releases at less detail.

Current goal

Our current goal is to get Subplot the software and project into such a shape that we feel confident that we can ask a few people to give it a proper try. This requires for Subplot to have releases that are be easy to install, tolerably easy to use, and to have at least some rudimentary documentation aimed at beginners.

Plan for next iteration

We created Subplot milestone 22 for the iteration starting now and ending in two weeks on 2021-02-13.

We picked the following issues to work on for Lars:

For Daniel:

Up for grabs if anyone has time: