Actions from last time

These haven’t been done:

  • Lars or Daniel to schedule pairing session with Dan to help him work through Subplot issue 22
    • Daniel failed to even attempt to arrange something, though Dan was likely too busy/hurty so we’ll carry this forward..

These have been done:

  • Lars and Daniel to set up a meeting to discuss i18n and l10n (done)
    • We had a discussion and decided tentatively to go with Fluent unless we find a good reason to try something simpler first.

The iteration that is ending

Lars didn’t do much for the iteration specifically, but did finish Subplot merge request 119 and reviewed MRs from Daniel. Lars was very busy with Obnam and driving the train at work.

We finished Subplot milestone 20, having fixed Subplot issue 144, Subplot issue 143.

Progress was made on Subplot issue 131.

We closed Subplot milestone 20 and created Subplot milestone 21.

Pending MRs

There were no pending MRs on Subplot-Web, There were no pending MRs on Subplot, after Lars had a last-minute review spree an hour before the meeting.

Branch review

No open branches on subplot-web, nor on subplot itself.

Issue review

Subplot-web has no issues. Subplot itself has 36 open issues.

Only 2 were touched since the last iteration.

  • Subplot issue 148 was opened by Daniel. We had a good discussion, logged it in the issue, and tentatively put the issue into the new iteration
  • Subplot issue 131 we are happy with the discussion we had in the iteration, and the labels etc. we placed on the issue. We are not prepared to act on it in this coming iteration.

Regarding issues previously queued

Planning the next iteration

We are happy with the set of things in the iteration, having done some time estimation we believe we can get it all done.

Regarding the tracking of getting new users to Subplot

Daniel had a brief rant about documenting error codes and providing in-system help where we can. This is a long-term goal and not something to prevent new users getting into Subplot but it will drive adoption eventually.

We’re happy that we know what we need to do to move forward, but we’re also adamant that we don’t want to do it this iteration.

Regarding Subplot in Debian

We may have to delier vegan cake in NYC to make it happen, but we won’t do anything until Bullseye is either very close to, or actually, releasing.


Lars wanted to talk about VMDB2 and concurrent scenarios…

We had a discussion about how this could be dealt with and we decided that it may be easiest to wrapper a with a Makefile for now, committing the outputs of sp-codegen and sp-docgen to the vmdb2 repository for now.


  • Lars or Daniel to schedule pairing session with Dan to help him work through Subplot issue 22