Actions from last time

These haven’t been done:

  • Daniel and Lars to set up a call about Subplot issue 131.
    • not done
  • Schedule pairing session with Dan to help him work through Subplot issue 22
    • not done due to life happening

These have been done:

  • Daniel to extract cargo fmt commit from Subplot merge request 105 into a new MR for merging.
  • Daniel to split typemap work out into a separate MR so that it can be reviewed and merged independently of the Rust runner work. (Daniel to file an issue before doing this to include our decided approach).
  • Lars to file MR to add .tera to bash and python template
  • Daniel to file an MR for splitting out the filters in the Rust MR.
  • Daniel to file an issue about embedding templates with a view to cargo install related to Subplot issue 66 and Subplot issue 109.
  • Lars to open an issue about how we don’t have the feature table for runners.

The iteration that is ending

We extended the deadline because life events got in the way, skipping the meeting that was meant two happen two weeks ago.

Daniel got the Rust template done, which was a significant chunk of work. It’s a good start, if maybe not mature yet. Maturity will come when we use it for real.

Daniel is sad that he had tot make a copy of the file just so that he could change the YAML metadata. This may indicate there’s need for more flexibility in Subplot. We haven’t filed an issue about this yet, as it’d be too woolly.

We finished Subplot milestone 19, having fixed Subplot issue 130, Subplot issue 129, Subplot issue 123, Subplot issue 101.

Progress was made on Subplot issue 131, Subplot issue 108, Subplot issue 22.

We closed Subplot milestone 19 and created Subplot milestone 20.

Pending MRs

Subplot merge request 119 is still open. It’s a leftover from Subplot milestone 19. Daniel had left a comment, Lars will respond off-line.

There were no pending merge requests in subplot-web.

Branch review

No open branches on subplot-web, and subplot itself had one that was created by mistake, and was deleted during the meeting.

Issue review

Subplot-web has no issues. Subplot itself has 38 issues.

Planning the next iteration

We then went through our tentative plan for issues in Subplot milestone 20. We ended up with 9 issues assigned, and on stretch goal.

Subplot issue 22 is assigned to Dan, in the hope he is able to work on it. If not, that’s OK.

Regarding the tracking of getting new users to Subplot

We need documentation more than anything else. We decided that we have a rudimentary tutorial, and implementation documentation in the form of a subplot, and we need a reference manual and a “how to” manual to goes deeper into how to use Subplot that the tutorial. Not all of these are needed to getting new people to try Subplot.

How much of a reference manual will we need, initially? We think details of how to implement a step functions is paramount, and that the tutorial should be enough to get started. A reference manual is probably not necessary, for now. Formal specification of input languages not necessarily massively useful for others, and we ourselves get that in the Subplot subplot.

Regarding Subplot in Debian

We discussed this and agreed that since Debian is about to enter a release for the release of Debian 11, it would probably be polite to let Debian people concentrate on getting that out before asking anyone to spend effort on packaging Subplot for Debian.


  • Lars and Daniel to set up a meeting to discuss i18n and l10n (done)
  • Lars or Daniel to schedule pairing session with Dan to help him work through Subplot issue 22