We finished Subplot milestone 17, completing Subplot issue 115, Subplot issue 114, Subplot issue 111, and Subplot issue 100. We discussed the issues that weren’t completed:

Daniel will file an issue to make it mandatory for codegen to be explicit about the template language.

We had three outstanding merge requests, which Daniel will review later.

We closed Subplot milestone 17 and created Subplot milestone 17, with issues

We filed Subplot issue 125 to track what we need to suggest others try Subplot.

We discussed whether libraries provided by Subplot itself should implement the steps in all the languages supported by Subplot. We reached the consensus that it is a worthy goal, but not easy for now. We agree that the functionality should be available, but does not have to be identical. However, we’ll wait for actual user needs before moving on this at all.


  • Daniel to file an issue about making codegen require an explicit template declaration.
  • Daniel to review open merge requests from Lars.
  • Lars and Daniel to schedule a discussion about running scenarios conditionally.