What has happened?

We finished Subplot milestone 15, completing Subplot issue 83, Subplot issue 85, Subplot issue 89, Subplot issue 90, Subplot issue 91, and Subplot issue 92. Lars made a start on Subplot issue 23 and we need to discuss some more, so see later.

We closed Subplot milestone 15 and created Subplot milestone 16.


Outstanding MRs:

There were none.


  • Subplot issue 95 - Daniel added some clarification in a comment. We feel that such work would have to very configurable in order to not upset people. It’s possible this could be a docgen option. We labelled it as such
  • Subplot issue 53 - We discussed and agreed we could do annual code review (or more if we so choose) instead of holding this open.
  • Subplot issue 48 - We discussed and decided that for now vendoring is OK and versioning the libraries would be a pain. We agreed to close this issue and made a note into it about how we can revisit when vendoring becomes awkward.
  • Subplot issue 23 - We removed this from the milestone after discussing and deciding that for now there’s not a lot we want to do on this topic.
  • Subplot issue 105 - We labelled this performance and someday-maybe.
  • Subplot issue 20 - Lars has worked out a good small first step, assigned himself to the issue, and tentatively put it into the milestone.
  • Subplot issue 107 - We agreed on an implementation strategy and Lars assigned himself and tentatively added it to the milestone.
  • Subplot issue 108 - We discussed that this is an interesting and valuable thing to do. Daniel suggested maybe we should do this as a subplot rather than as a yaml document. Added to the milestone, but not as yet assigned to a person.
  • Subplot issue 109 - We decided there’s nothing to do here for now.
  • Subplot issue 96 - We need to change the error text, but also Lars wants the filename enough to assign it to himself and put it tentatively into the milestone.
  • Subplot issue 102 - We investigated and found the dependencies for lmodern are likely via a Recommends from texlive-base. We put it tentatively into the milestone, assigned to Dan (in his absence).
  • Subplot issue 111 - Assigned to Lars, tentatively put into milestone
  • Subplot issue 104 - We agreed on a little more verbiage, and that it should go into CONTRIBUTING.md. Assigned to Lars and tentatively put into the milestone
  • Subplot issue 100 - May as well satisfy the curl|bash people. Assigned to Lars and tentatively put into the milestone.
  • Subplot issue 22 - We decided to thank Dan for his input and ask if he’d like to tackle this with mentoring when he’s feeling a little more Rusty.
  • Subplot issue 101 - This is hard, we’re not working on it in this iteration.
  • Subplot issue 98 - This is hard, ideally done as an additional pass on the AST to find and launch the converters, and then the typesetting pass can consume the results of those.
  • Subplot issue 97 - Worth doing, but not right now.
  • Subplot issue 94 - Daniel added helpwanted and mentor labels.
  • Subplot issue 93 - Daniel was moderately excited and assigned to himself and put it into the milestone.
  • Subplot issue 74 - Lars still tends to want this, so has assigned it to himself and put it into the milestone.
  • Subplot issue 58 - Has not had any motion in 5 months, so we closed it.

At the start of review, there were 7 issues assigned to Lars, 1 to Dan, 1 to Daniel, and 1 unassigned.

After discussion, Lars assigned Subplot issue 108 to himself, to give him roughly a 50% load on his iteration timing.


We looked at Gitlab Iterations, sadly they’re not available to us right now because they need a Gitlab Group and we have the subplot repo under Lars’ gitlab namespace right now.

Lars’ co-worker Ahmon has tentatively agreed to be interviewed. He’s one of the first people to actively use it and so asking for his opinions and experiences would be helpful. He’s prepared to be interviewed by both Lars and Daniel. Ahmon’s personal timezone puts his start-of-day at 15:00 to 16:00 UTC. Daniel’s least congested day is Thursday 5th November. Lars will speak with Ahmon to discuss the best time to do this.

Subplot in Debian is still ‘far future’.


The only ‘unusual’ action coming out of this meeting was Lars needing to talk with Ahmon to arrange an interview slot.