What has happened?

We added dan_a to the repository as a developer.

We finished Subplot milestone 14, completing Subplot issue 80, Subplot issue 86, and Subplot issue 88. Lars began work on Subplot issue 85 but Daniel hasn’t had a chance to review it yet. We partially worked on Subplot issue 83 but it’s not completed yet.

We closed Subplot milestone 14 and created Subplot milestone 15 moving Subplot issue 85 and Subplot issue 83 over to it.


Outstanding MRs:

  • Subplot merge request 72 - As part of the goal to have subplot implementation libraries tested, this MR does this for the Python implementation of the files library. Daniel reviewed and merged this while Lars was explaining the concept of Subplot libraries to Dan.
  • Subplot merge request 73 - This handles the new {foo:kind} simple pattern matching we discussed last time. Daniel reviewed while Lars was explaining things to Dan, but it wasn’t quite ready to merge.

There were no unexpected branches present.

We reviewed all the open issues this time…

The rest of the issues remain untouched

We then reviewed the content of Subplot milestone 15. Lars assigned Subplot issue 92 to himself at this point because “It’s a good time to refactor”. Lars assigned Subplot issue 90 to himself as well to at least have a look at.


Unfortunately we had to cut the conversation short as Daniel has to go shopping.


No unusual actions came out of the meeting.