What has happened?

We finished Subplot milestone 13. Many small tasks were done, and while that looks like many items of work, it wasn’t a huge amount over-all due to the size of them. Daniel did not get his Subplot issue 20 done, and the Python context namespace issue (Subplot issue 80) was also not done.

We chose therefore to demilestone Subplot issue 20.


We had not MRs or branches to review. We reviewed issues younger than 2 weeks from last change, picking a few for the new iteration.

We reviewed Lars’ questions on the Subplot issue 53 and decided:

  • Code/Test in the same file is OK until the tests overwhelm the code
  • We do not have complex enough code to warrant multiple crates at this time as sibling modules are sufficiently protected from one another.
  • We want to split out a src/doc.rs module for the Document struct and friends. Subplot issue 88 was created for this.

We went through Subplot issue 82 and wrote a rough plan of action and a set of labels to indicate this is not hard and we’d love help to get it done.

We added a brief explanation more to Subplot issue 74.

The new iteration Subplot milestone 14 has TODO assigned issues:


Lars would like to review the codebase with a view to deciding what is the next step for Subplot issue 53 but as of now there’s not really anything good to format the content well enough for him to be comfortable reviewing it on his reMarkable.

Regarding the use of subplot by others, we previously said that we needed the documentation to cover everything that Subplot lets you do. Lars is going to talk with a friend/colleague of his who is a sysadmin with a background in technical writing so if she’s interested then it’s possible she might be able to help with that.

With respect to having subplot.liw.fi’s content on gitlab, the only benefit Daniel can think of is that it’d be easier for third parties to contribute changes. In the end we decided that until someone says “I would contribute if only the website were on Gitlab” we’ll stick with things as they are.

We discussed possible issues which a newcomer to Rust and to the project might find easy to do. Subplot issue 22 (The plantuml one) might be a good one to start with.

We should also keep our eyes peeled for “easy” Rust changes which we could file easy/mentor/help-wanted issues to file.


No unusual actions came out of the meeting.