What has happened?

We extended Subplot milestone 12 due to life events. We made some progress, but didn’t finish either of the two tasks that were assigned to the iteration.


We had not MRs or branches to review. We reviewed all issues, picking a few for the new iteration.

The new iteration Subplot milestone 13 has three assigned issues:

There’s a few extra ones that should be very quick, in case we have time.


We discussed briefly what we need before we can start inviting others to try Subplot for real. At this point, we can think of two things: better documentation for Subplot itself, aimed at stakeholders in projects using Subplot, and better testing of Subplot against accidental breakage.

For the testing, we’ll set up a set of chosen projects that use Subplot, and run their subplots at least once per Subplot iteration. The goal is to make breaking changes consciously, not accidentally.

We also discussed making merge reviews quicker. The consensus is that we should ping each other repeatedly if there’s reviews.


Lars to write these meeting minutes.