What has happened?

  • This past iteration was Subplot milestone 11. It had three issues assigned: Subplot issue 20, Subplot issue 62, and Subplot issue 69. We completed one (62), but got little work done on the other two.

  • Lars points out that he dragged his feet on 69, because it’s likely to cause merge conflicts for Daniel’s work on 20. Daniel said that’s OK. Lars suggested we try avoid in the future picking tasks that are likely to touch the same part of the code. Daniel agreed and said that splitting up big code modules will help with that.

  • There were no outstanding merge requests, nor any unmerged or stale branches.

  • We reviewed issues that had been updated after the previous meeting.

    • Subplot issue 36: Lars added a link to the Tufte CSS styling, but said it’s not something we should work on at this time.
    • Subplot issue 73, Subplot issue 27, and Subplot issue 53: These don’t seem urgent enough to include in this iteration.
    • Subplot issue 72 and Subplot issue 71: added the mentor label.
    • Subplot issue 70: Daniel likes the suggestion of using footnotes for the URL. We discussed whether we should do that for HTML as well, but left it open for now. Added the helpwanted and mentor labels, but not easy since it doesn’t seem easy.
    • Subplot issue 58: We’re still at an impasse on knowing what the right thing to do here is. We added a comment to note what the stumbling block is, for the future.
    • Subplot issue 27: Doesn’t seem urgent enough to include in this iteration.
  • The new iteration (Subplot milestone 12) will have two issues carried over from the previous iteration.

  • We discussed what’s needed for us to want to suggest to others to try Subplot for real. Our general feeling is that once at least one of us has used Subplot for a real project, and we’ve dealt with any sharp corners we’ve found, we can ask others to do try Subplot.

    The current plan is for Lars to use Subplot for ewww, his web server for static content. Once ewww is in real use, we’ll consider the situation.

    We will, however, revisit this question every iteration planning meeting.


  • Lars to write these notes.