What has happened?

  • We got quite a bit done, but not everything yet.
  • Daniel has pushed an MR for issue 12 but Lars hasn’t had time to go over it until next iteration.
  • We’re not making rapid progress, but we’re both very busy with other things right now and that’s fine.

So we have:

Issue review

We reviewed the situation for all the open issues, for the most part nothing was changed, however the following tweaks were done:

  • We added the typesetting label to Subplot issue 27
  • Lars made a note in Subplot issue 48 that we’re letting multiple binding/function files bed-in before we try making any more decisions about libraries.
  • We discussed Subplot issue 62 because Lars had made some comments:
    • We think ‘integral commits’ is a good way to say what we mean.
    • We’re not going to mandate ‘conventional commits’
    • Lars labelled it active-discussion
    • We removed it from the iteration.
  • Added actively-discussed label to Subplot issue 65

We agreed to continue with our current issue-filing and closing/keeping flow the same for now.

Milestone planning

Subplot milestone 10 has two issues in it, both assigned to Daniel. Lars needs to review Subplot merge request 54 which is for Subplot issue 12, and Daniel needs to write an MR for Subplot issue 20.

Mainline branch name

Daniel was concerned that we might be virtue signalling, but also acknowledges that he’s not sure it’s not worth it. We’re happy to make the change, though we don’t think it’s high priority necessarily. OTOH subplot doesn’t have a huge number of collaborators, so a change now would be low cost.

Daniel created Subplot issue 68 assigned it to himself and put it into the milestone.