What has happened

  • We didn’t get all issues done that we’d assigned. Daniel didn’t have the energy to write scenarios to test his code changes. Lars didn’t have time or energy to implement parameterised scenarios. It’s not a big deal, but we clearly were too ambitious when allocating things for the iteration ending. We will try to do better.


  • There were three outstanding merge requests, marked work-in-progress. They are carried over to the iteration starting.

  • We reviewed all open issues, and closed one of them, and assigned a small number to the iteration starting.

  • We discussed again the need for more contributors. We feel we need a typesetting person, and a Bash script person. However, we’re not ready to actively recruit people we don’t know, and we don’t want to try to recruit people we do know more forcefully than we already have.

  • We discussed the minimum supported Rust version for Subplot. We feel there’s three candidates that make sense: the version in Debian 10 (buster) and its backports; the version in the upcoming Debian 11 (bullseye); and the current Rust stable release. Those are the important versions for us. It doesn’t really make sense to support versions of Rust older than the current stable version that isn’t in Debian.

    At the same time, we don’t want to force a very old version of Rust on the Subplot project, as it will require putting in workarounds that are technical debt. We already had this with as_ref but chose the workaround for now.

    For now, we’ll support the Debian 10 version of Rust. We may change this later, and add make the automated test suite pick a version we want to check with. For now, we don’t want to do that work.

  • We probably want to make Subplot installable via Cargo and start making releases. Some day.

  • We discussed starting another side project, jt, and will be sketching a subplot for it.


  • Lars to write these notes.