What has happened

  • We fixed all the issues we’d assigned to ourselves for the iteration, but didn’t make much progress on the stretch goals. Lars feels he’d like to avoid stretch goals for future iterations. Emptying a column is a powerful positive motivator, and it’s always OK to do more. Daniel agreed. We shall make it so.


  • There were no outstanding merge requests.

  • We reviewed the open issues that had been touched in the past week, and added comments with new thoughts. We assigned issues tentatively to the new iteration, then reviewed the planned iteration and dropped some issues.

  • We used the GitLab suggestion tool, and found it worth using in the future.

  • Lars would like to find someone who can improve the typesetting output (both HTML and PDF), but it’s still not urgent.

  • We think we’ve got the development and planning processes stable enough that we might onboard a third person into the project, if we happen to find someone who’d be interested. We’d be able to provide mentoring in Rust, if that’s needed, but non-code contributions would also be most welcome.


  • Lars to write up these notes.