What has happened

  • We’ve mostly done everything planned for this iteration. This was met with mutual satisfaction.
    • there’s a merge conflict on !14 that wasn’t resolved before the meeting, but will be done later today, and indeed was done while writing this note.
    • We sorted out two other merge requests during the meeting.


  • We reviewed all open issues that had been touched since the previous meeting, and created a new milestone for the new iteration staring, and picked a few issues to work on.
  • We discussed changing docgen so that instead of using the rust_pandoc function add_filter, we’ll run Pandoc twice: once to convert input into an AST, and once to produce output from the (modified) AST. This is what the add_filter effectively does anyway, and what codegen does anyway, except code doesn’t produce typeset output, but generates a test program. Having the two programs do similar things in the same way is a better way than what we have now.


  • There are GitLab issues assigned for both of us for the new iteration.

  • Additionally, Lars will maybe look at doing the changes to not use add_filter if he has extra time. But that’s a stretch goal for this iteration.