What has happened

  • We had three issues chosen for this iteration. Two to be closed, and one to be discussed. We did that.

  • Additionally, a couple of small improvements to make examples more prominent on the website were made.


  • We reviewed all outstanding merge requests and issues, and made notes for changes.

  • We planned the next iteration by picking issues to be handled: https://gitlab.com/subplot/subplot/-/milestones/4

  • We discussed git commit signing. For now, the minimum we want is for annotated commits to be signed. Commits do not need to be signed, yet.

  • We discussed an early warning sign for breaking changes. This would be a second repository with sample Subplots that are known to work, that we would run Subplot against so that if anything breaks we will be notified. We’re still in ALPHA so breaking changes are OK, but we will eventually want avoid making them accidentally.

    Subplot has a pretty good subplot for itself, but it’d be good to have samples from actual users, eventually. They should be in a separate repository so that they can’t be changed accidentally, when merging other changes.

  • We discussed typesetting improvements, but agreed it’s not time for them yet. If a volunteer shows up, we’d love that and would work with them, but it’s too early to look for one.


  • Lars to work on the chosen issues for this iteration.

  • Daniel to comment on issue 4 (shell support) to add his thoughts about changes to the code templating system and adding metadata to templates.

  • Daniel to request rust-pandoc for a release. The changes we’ve proposed and submitted have already been accepted, but we need a release to comfortably use them.