What has happened

  • Lars added --date option; it is merged.

  • Lars started working adding a “base directory” so that the policy decision for resolvine filenames for bindings and filenames is brough up to the main function in the various programs, rather than being an implicit current working directory and handled deep in the call stack.

    However, to do this it turned out that some changes to the rust-pandoc crate were needed. Daniel has taken those on.

  • Lars added Debian package runtime dependencies and suggestions for Pandoc and other tools that are necessary, and LaTeX for PDF generation.


  • There have been no volunteers for alpha testers. We will continue developing Subplot and use ourselves as alpha testers. Lars is having some success introducing Subplot at his work.

  • We discussed GitLab labels for issues. They have been added now.

  • We chose issues for the next iteration. A milestone in GitLab has been created, and issues assigned to it.

  • We discussed the approach for scalability testing, and agreed on an approach.

  • We agreed that we will be doing merges for each other in the future, rather than self-merging.


  • Lars to add issue labels.

  • Lars to work on the issues chosen for this iteration, and Daniel to review and merge.