What has happened

  • The Christmas break. Both Lars and Daniel took some time off. Lars got some Subplot development done, though, and Subplot can now generate a Python test program for the echo.md example in the Subplot source tree. This feels like a milestone.


  • We’re still happy with Rust as the implementation language.

  • Next for Subplot is code cleanup, locking down the Subplot language until we’ve specified it and tested the implementation using Subplot itself. That’s the next milestone.

  • We’ll continue with the current development process, until the milestone of Subplot testing itself. After that we’ll see if it makes sense to move to a more pre-merge-review-based approach.

  • The milestone is also a blocker for reaching out to get more feedback on Subplot.

  • We have a CI for Subplot. It uses the Debian-packaged version of Rust, 1.34. We will stick with that, for now.

  • Daniel gave some review feedback on the Subplot code.


  • Lars to propose updates to the roadmap, Daniel to review.

  • Lars to do code cleanups based on feedback, Daniel to review.

  • Lars to draft first Subplot document for Subplot itself that tests something relevant.