What has happened

  • Due to work, life, and travels, things have been quiet.

  • Lars has gotten the document generator to do typesetting informed by step bindings: captured parts of scenario steps are now typeset in a different font. This has required writing some internal infrastructure for parsing and handling bindings, and that will be useful going forward, when we start work on code generation.

  • Daniel has provided wisdom, Rust mentoring, and code review.


  • We discussed ways in which the current code is structured, and how that could be improved. The current structure is not entirely idiomatic for Rust, which we hope to improve.

    • combine things that belong together into the same modules
    • use Rust features to limit what’s exported from the crate to its users
    • ask compiler to warn or error if there’s missing documentation
    • add better error types
  • We discussed code generation. We’ll start with a language that’s simple for us to generate (shell or Python), and do a minimal version to start with. Then we’ll migrate to using templating for code generation, so it’s easier to add suppor for more output languages.


  • Lars to update roadmap.

  • Lars to do suggested cleanup of Subplot code base, and publish a new version of the crate on crates.io.

  • Daniel to do code review and mentor.

  • Both to reschedule the next chat session for when we have time.